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Ride Transfer - Ride Refund

Questions regarding registration:

Contact Jim Walker for any questions regarding your registration, transfer, or refund.

Jim Walker

Jim Walker


Transfer your Amtrak ride registration to a friend

OCW Ride Transfer Policy:  Ride Transfers are allowed up to THURSDAY, 23 AUGUST 2018 at MIDNIGHT.    Ride transfers must be done online. A ride can be transferred only if the registration was complete and paid. All transfers will include: the Ride fee, T-shirt and/or Jersey (the size originally ordered), If ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP was paid it will also be transfered. The exchange of money must take place between the riders.

Making a transfer online requires:

1. Transferring rider name and email address.
2. Transfer recipient’s rider name and e-mail address.
3. The recipient of the ride will create an "ngin" website account
4. New Rider will click here to create a website account  if account has been created this step is not neccessary.

A confirming email will be sent to the person relinqushing their ride.

A confirming email will be sent to the new rider to confirm the "ngin" account creation and confirm their identity. Be sure to click on the link inside the confirming email for the new account.

Only after the above conditions have been met will an email will be sent to the new rider with all the instructions to register for the ride.

Registration for the Amtrak requires the "ngin" website account to be created.  Only after the website account is created will the new rider will be able to complete registration.

This is done through the ride registration.

Note: The Ride Transfer System will open approximately 2 weeks after registration opens.

 revised 7/9/18 ML

The Registration "Ride Transfer - Ride Refund" is not currently available.

Ride Cancellation Policy

OCW will accept registration Cancellation requests, less $20, only after the ride is FULL. If the ride does not remain at 100% capacity, no refund requests will be processed.  Refunds will be issued on a first come first served basis.

OCW will refund T-shirt and Jersey money if we are able to sell the merchandise either before or after the ride. All ride, T-Shirt and Jersey refunds will be made after the ride.  All requests for refunds must be received NO LATER THEN THURSDAY, 23 AUGUST 2018 @ MIDNIGHT.  Requests for refund must be made online. Making a Refund Request online requires: 

1. Rider name
2. E-mail address
3. Phone 

1. The Ride Refund System will open after the ride is sold out.
2. All Refunds granted will be made after the ride.

7/9/18 ML

The Train Return Sell Out at registration closeout, SEPTEMBER 1, 2018 must be minimum of 925 riders, unless train maximum capacity changes.

The No Train Return Sell Out at registration closeout must be minimum of 350 riders on SEPTEMBER 1, 2018

See top of registered riders listings for total active riders

The return sell out train policy may vary depending on maximum train capacity.

7/9/18 ml  

The Registration "Ride Transfer - Ride Refund" is not currently available.