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Amtrak 2017 - September 09, 2017 Irvine to San Diego

The Registration "AMTRAK RIDE REGISTRATION" is not currently available.

Wait List

A number of riders will request refunds and/or transfer their ride registration.  To take advantage of these opportunities be sure to add your name to the wait list.  Wait list names will be removed as they are given the opportunity to replace dropped riders.

Register for Wait List

Amtrak 2017

Amtrak 2017

If you are unable to register for Amtrak you can place your name on this wait list.  We will pull names as registered riders reliquish their ride.   The first name on the list will be the first to be given the opportunity to register for the ride.

If you receive the link to register for the ride, the link is good for 24 hours.  After 24 hours you will not be able to register for the ride and we will send a link to the next rider on the list.

You must create a free OCW website account to be able to sign up for the wait list!   Click here to create account.

Don't expect changes and openings to start until mid July.

Click here for wait list

8/21/2017 ml

Bike Club Assignment for 2017

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Due to the Train makeup from Amtrak for 2017 we have 11 cars to distribute our riders on.  Since this in many ways complicates the seat assignments, we have tried our best to be sure all identified clubs/groups were kept together.  If you did not advise me by 25 Aug. 2017, 11:59 is too late.  All our data bases are closed.  DO NOT EMAIL REQUESTS IF YOUR GROUP IS SMALLER THAN 3.

27Mar17 Lee

To Help getting you and your friends in the same train car, It helps that if your group or club is not listed in the Bike club list,  That someone in your group decide how your group wants to be identified.  Be sure to select Other and then all in your group will use the same identification exactly the same.  If it is an abbreviation or the whole name, just be the same.  This will help us in keeping you together in the final train car assignments.

Clubs that want to ride together a representative from the Club/Group should email the events chairman for initial grouping.  Registration is finalized and the clubs have been listed.  If your club is not in the list please follow the above instructions

Here is the car assignments by Club/Group when we start, but will depend on the population of the Club/Group, By no means will this be guaranteed:

Questions regarding registration:

Contact Jim Walker for any questions regarding your registration, transfer, or refund.

Jim Walker

Jim Walker


Raffaele Spennato

Raffaele Spennato


Phone: 714-334-6232