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Bob Fairfield, LCI #2764


Growing up, I lived 1.8 miles from school. The school bus picked up all children 2 or more miles away. When I started 5th grade, my parents decided I was old enough to go to school by myself. When I complained it was too far to walk, they bought me a bicycle. I’ve been hooked ever since then.
I started serious bicycle riding in 2000, when I rode my bicycle more than 20 miles, didn’t stop once, and didn’t collapse during the whole ride.
When I lived in Sullivan County, NY, I was ‘volunteered’ to be the ride leader of the Sullivan County Wheelmen, and created many safe, interesting rides around and through the county. Ever ridden through 3 states in a single day? Ever come around a corner on a road, and had to avoid hitting a bear cub or adult deer?
When I moved to Rockland County, NY, I joined the Rockland Bicycle Club, created and lead many safe and interesting rides in and around Rockland County. Riding through West Point military school is a lot like riding through Camp Pendleton, except for the Revolutionary War cannons, and scenic views of the Hudson River.
It made sense to me when I moved to Orange County, CA, that I would bring my bicycles with me. Over the last 4 years I rode my way around Orange County, riding by myself, with various other bicycle clubs, and joining the Orange County Wheelmen in 2006. Once again, I was ‘volunteered’ to be a ride leader, and have created several safe, interesting rides in and around Orange County. Have you ridden at least 3 river trails in one day, and past the Queen Mary?
I completed the Road 1 course put on by the League of American Bicyclists in 2008 and completed the LCI certification program from the League of American Bicyclists in 2010.
Bob Fairfield, LCI

Bob Fairfield, LCI

Director Saturday Rides

Phone: 949.600.6360