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Michelle Vester, LCI #2757


I started riding at a very young age due to my older brothers having paper routes. My brothers broke me from training wheels at about age 5 or 6. Right after that I thought I was free. My parents caught me riding along, by myself, about a mile or so from home. If it wasn't for them I'd still be out there somewhere. Long story short I was banned from riding for awhile until I learned I just couldn't get on my bike at 5 or 6 and ride for miles and miles.
As a pre-teen I rode my bike everywhere, including from our home in Tustin hills to the stables where I boarded my horse off Chapman and Crawford Canyon. I loved challenges and soon found out Chapman Ave up to Bob and Jeans was a great ride with my friends.
I discovered mountain bike riding in the 80's like everyone else and rode MTB exclusively through the mid 90's, with O'Neal and Whiting being my favorite spots.
Late 90's I got back into road and found some long distance cyclists from Orange County Wheelmen who got me into the riding the Century Series on Saturday's. Centuries got to be way too short so I got into doubles in 2000.
I now have 22 doubles under my belt which is a very far cry from the 50 that I wanted by this time, but nixed because of hip injuries, or SI joint problems to be exact.
However the joint injuries freed up some of my time so I decided to get into bicycle advocacy 3 years ago, which lead me to become an executive board member and treasurer of Orange County Bicycle Coalition.
I then completed my Traffic Skills 101 put on by the League of American Bicyclists which then lead me to complete my LCI (League Cycling Instructor).
I hope to use my skills to help others within Orange County Wheelmen, as well as throughout Orange County, enjoy cycling as much as I have, while teaching the importance of following the California Vehicle Code as it pertains to cyclists.
Michelle Vester,  LCI

Michelle Vester, LCI


Phone: 714-914-2778