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Kevin Ansel, LCI #2926


I started bicycling right out of high school.  After playing team sports I was looking for something I could do individually.  In college a group of friends decided to do a trip from San Francisco back to Orange County and camp along the way.  I was immediately hooked on touring.  In 1982 a friend and I rode unsupported from Huntington Beach, California to New York City.  I have continued to tour and I have been a bike commuter to my job at the University of California, Irvine with my wife.  I guess you could say we bike pool.  I am a member of the Campus Bicycle Advisory Group and have assisted in bicycle safety and commuting seminars for both students and staff.  I also enjoy century and distance riding and have earned my California Triple Crown.  I have become interested in bicycle advocacy and cyclist safety which is why I became a League Cycling Instructor in 2010.


Kevin Ansel, LCI

Phone: (949)559-4664

Kevin Ansel