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Mike Lee, LCI #2765


MikeLee Amtrak 2011

Amtrak 2011

In 1985 while I was completing my undergraduate degree and working full time I needed an outlet to exercise, get fresh air and just take a break from studies. I landed upon cycling as a great way to stay in shape. I continued my passion for cycling, completing many organized century rides in southern California. In 1986 my wife Terri and I purchased our home in Mission Viejo and I soon found the challenge of hills in South Orange County. In the mid 90’s my photography business was demanding an enormous amount of time, plus I was very active in many professional photography associations, Attaining President of Professional Photographers of Orange County in 1998, then onto President of Professional Photographers of California in 2006-2007, before during and in between these times I was serving on many committees and I slowly drifted away from cycling. Within a few short years I found that I had gained way too much weight. 2005 was make or break, with a diagnosis from the doctor of a life long litany of heart medication, the recent death of my dad from congestive heart failure; I resolved I had to do make major changes. Get back on the bike and start a healthier and active lifestyle. This time do it different, join the bike club I had heard so much about, (OCW) too force my resolution of a more active lifestyle. This story may be no different than yours but I welcome your courage to get on your bike and start riding no matter what.
I completed the TS 101 course put on by the League of American Bicyclists in 2008 and completed the certification program as an LCI from the League of American Bicyclists in 2010.
Mike Lee, LCI

Mike Lee, LCI

Event Manager, Webmaster

Phone: 909-939-4424

Ride Around the Bear 2008

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