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Lee Stebbins, LCI #2756


My bicycling career started back in high school when I first experienced the freedom and joy of riding and racing with a small group of riders in Orange County. At that time cycling was an unknown activity and wearing funny clothing really caught the public’s eye. To say the least we were an odd group. This is also where I actually started bicycle commuting by riding to school and in the summer to work out on Balboa peninsula. I continued to ride during college and commuted to school after I moved off campus. Moving forward several years, I joined OCW in 1972 and have been an active member holding several different Board positions. I was President for two separate two (2) year terms and Training Officer for 2 years. Besides riding actively with OCW for fun and exercise, I have commuted to work for 32 years, the longest distance was 26 miles and the shortest was to my last job only 7 miles. To say the least I have probably seen anything you could imagine on the road. During that time I have had 4 crashes, one (1) with an automobile turning left in front of me on a public street and three (3) on the Santa Ana River Trail with other cyclists. No matter how careful and alert you are accidents do happen. This is why it is so important to wear a CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) approved bicycle helmet. The Medical Profession has not perfected brain transplants. Besides riding for many years I designed my own custom road bike and rode it for 23 years. I built custom wheels for over ten (10) years and do my own maintenance on all my bikes. On a more professional note, I have taken the League of American Bicyclist (LAB) TS101 class and am a League Cycling Instructor.
My reason for volunteering for “Ride like a Pro” is to share my  experience and knowledge of cycling with other riders so they may learn how to ride safely and enjoy the freedom and fun of cycling. This is a wonderful activity you can participate in for many years having lots fun while maintaining a healthful life style. See you on the road.
Lee Stebbins, LCI

Lee Stebbins, LCI

Events Director

Phone: 714 404-1985