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Mountain Bike Rides


Please arrive at the ride location with enough time to have your bike ready to roll at the scheduled time.
Also it is recommended that you bring tire tools, frame pump, spare tube, patch kit and water bottle to all rides.
A helmet is legally required for all minors and OCW REQUIRES THAT ALL ADULTS WEAR A HELMET.

Earphones are illegal and unsafe. Please remember that the California Vehicle Code applies to bicycles.

If the ride is cancelled, the calendar will be updated at least 1 hour prior to the ride start time with the word “CANCELLED”.

For trail advocacy and trail info please reach out to:

They also have lists of groups that do organized mountain bike rides throughout the county.

Goat Hill FAQ’s  2023

Q. When will Goat Hill rides resume in 2023.

A. Goat Hill rides are tentatively due to start back up in May 2023.

Q.  What is Goat Hill?

A.  It is the Mountain & Gravel bike division of OCW.

Q.  Who leads the group?

A.  Alan Vester is the group leader and Michelle Vester is the co-leader of Goat Hill rides.

Q.  How often are Goat Hill rides?

A.  1-3 times a month and usually on Sunday or Saturday. 

Q.  What is the best source of information for Goat Hill rides?

A.  I email the description and information about the Goat Hill rides about a week before the ride.  Do not rely on the OCW website for Goat Hill information as it may be not up to date. I have a “Goat Hill” email list which I put together from OCW riders who request to be on the email list.  Any OCW member can request at any time to be included or removed from the email list.  Just send me an email at:

Q.  How difficult are the rides and can anyone join in?

A.  The rides are beginner/intermediate level.  Mostly fire roads with some single track, but I try not to have any technical sections. The pace is recreational, not fast.  We average about 6-8 mph.  All level riders are welcomed, but the rides are not geared towards 1st time mountain bike riders nor professional riders.  I prefer OCW members only, but guest riders are welcomed.

Q.  Are E-bikes allowed on the Goat Hill rides?

A.  Some trails and parks allow Ebikes, so in those cases you are good.  Parks that prohibit Ebikes, we will respect their rules and Ebikes will not be allowed for those rides

Q.  What if I’m a Cat 1, STRAVA driven, trail shredding mountain bike rider, will I be allowed to ride with Goat Hill?

A.  Yes, you will.  I won’t force the fast riders to soft pedal and ride slow.  I’ll turn you loose at the beginning of the ride and you can go at your own pace.

Q.  Are Goat Hill rides “No-Drop” rides?

A.  Yes.  We will not abandon any rider on the trail.

Q.  What type of bike should I bring for the rides?

A.  The rides are on dirt, so any mountain bike will work, preferably one with suspension.  I try to keep most of the rides “Gravel Bike” friendly so our gravel bike riders can join in.  Occasionally, the rides will be geared more toward mountain bikes than gravel, but I will state that in the ride description.

Q.  How long are the rides and where are they held?

A.  Between 10-25 miles long (3-4 hours) and most of the rides will be held here in Orange County.

Q.  Will I receive credited miles with OCW on Goat Hill rides?

A.  Yes, you will!

Q.  What if it rains the day before the ride or there are high winds?

A.  I will send out an email the night before or the morning of the ride to cancel.

RIDE Leader:

Alan Vester

Mtn Bike Rides Contact