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Ride Like a Pro

Ride like a Pro

(Novice Riders to Riders desiring safe riding skills) 
♦ Are you new to cycling?
♦ Looking for help in changing flats?
♦ Intimidated by riding with cars zooming by on the street?
♦ Not sure how to ride with traffic?
♦ How do cyclists get into the left hand turn pocket?
♦ How do you get in and out of your clipless pedals without falling?
♦ When stopping at the intersection where should I stop?
♦ Where should I stop when there is a right turn pocket?
♦ How do you trip the traffic loop so I can get a green light?
♦ Just got a new bike and want to learn more about cycling?
♦ Need to train for an upcoming big ride?
♦ What to find some one to ride with?
♦ Have questions about what to eat before during and after that big ride?
♦ OCW has a program for you to help make you safer on the road for you and the motorists.
If you are new to riding on the road, new to cycling or just wanting to hone you road skills and feel safer riding on the roads. Come ride with one of our many experienced members. We can show you the best way to work with traffic, negotiate changing lanes and the all too familiar challenge of getting into the left hand turn pocket quickly and safely and even have motorist acknowledge you and give you the right of way to complete the maneuver. This Saturday only ride will be the short or medium distance it’s your call. We will have someone available every Saturday for you to ride with. We rotate our experienced rider’s thoughout the year for this ride. Show up to the Saturday ride at the Square and mention to the Ride Leaders that you want to take advantage of the Ride Like a Pro group ride.
These members are League of American Bicyclists Cycling Instructors (LCI),  OCW wants to educate all our members in proper operation of your bicycle and to be courteous on the road as this is a reflection to all cyclists and members of OCW. 

League of American Bicyclists Cycling Instructors:

OCW Ride like a Pro's Training Series is what you need!

Contact one of the members above to confirm your attendance. The "Ride Like a Pro" Training Series meets every Saturday at the start time, check the calendar (changes seasonally) at the The Square in Irvine for an hour or more of riding and training. Riders will ride the short route or whatever may be appropriate for the group with an OCW experienced member who will take time to answer your cycling questions. Be sure that you arrive in plenty of time to check you bike and be ready to roll at the ride start time promptly.  We will start the ride with instruction on some cycling traffic skills and maintenance, ie. fixing a flat, proper inflation, quick release tension setting, and the ABC quick check.


  • Take the San Diego Fwy (405) to the MacArthur exit
  • Go north 0.1 miles to Main Street.
  • The Square is located at Main and MacArthur in Irvine near the John Wayne Airport.
  • Park in the West Lot. (Where charging stations are located)