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General Information

`The Orange County Wheelmen (OCW) is the most diverse and oldest bicycle club in Orange County with over 500 members.  Cycling subgroups within OCW include Paramount Racing, Goat Hill (off-road cycling), and Tandem Time.  The club hosts several annual events, many special activities, and numerous weekly rides.
OCW was founded in Jun 1968.  Beginning as a recreational cycling club, its focus has expanded to staging cycling events that attract hundreds of riders, to maintaining an active presence in the community through charitable donations, and to promoting safety and political advocacy through the club's training rides and support of the Orange County Bicycle Coalition (OCBC) and the California Association of Bicycling Organizations (CABO), and the League of American Bicyclists (LAB).
Following are highlights of many of the activities, events, and happenings supported by the Orange County Wheelmen:
Monthly Happenings
Monthly general meetings provide a forum for speakers to address bike care, maintenance, training, speed and nutrition in addition to diet, safety, and travel related cycling adventures.  The meetings are well attended by members and nonmembers interested in the variety of bike related topics.
OCW's quarterly newsletter, the Chain Reaction, is mailed and/or emailed to all members and can also be seen on the club's Website.  Each issue includes information regarding the ride schedule, board minutes, and special articles by club members on cycling tips, activities, travels, and the highlights of our major cycling events.
Ride Like a Pro - Novice Rider Training
OCW has developed their own brand of training for the novice or beginning rider.  we call it Ride Like A Pro (RLAP)  Every Saturday one of our members is available who has been certified as an LCI will take you out on a short ride to help you in navigating the roads, traffic, lane position, group riding, equipment and safety on the bike.  And if you want to know more about the club we'll answer those questions.
Special Events
OCW is well-known for its four (4) major cycling events held throughout the year including the Spring Metric Century, Breathless Agony,  the Pacific Coast 100 century and the Fall Metric Century.  Each event is unique and attracts hundreds of riders throughout California and from the Western United States, with the Pacific Coast 100 attracting riders nationwide.  
Special Activities
OCW is also involved in a variety of activities beyond riding the roads.  Each August members attend the Annual Picnic which includes 3 rides originating out of Turtle Rock Community Park.  Dogs are welcome at the park.  In February the club's Annual Awards Banquet honors and celebrates accomplishments by individual members and introduces the new board members for the coming year.  Our Holiday party in December generates a large amount of items for the less fortunate in Orange County.
OCW's ongoing charitable donations benefit many children in Orange County.  The club donates bicycles and helmets in addition to members donating numerous toys and gifts to children of Orange County.  Our club is also activity involved with the Orange County Bicycle Coalition (OCBC) and the California Association of Bicycling Organizations (CABO) and other organizations that the Board of Directors deems apropriate.  2011 included Cystic Fibrosis, Other past donations have included Alzheimers Association, Project 999, and Juvenille Diabetes Research Foundation.  If you have a worthy charitable organization that qualifies, develop a proposal to the Board of Directors for consideration.  We budget every year for contributions.  They must be a 501c3 to qualify.  
We look forward to you joining us for a bike ride!