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Welcome to the Orange County Wheelmen

The Most Diverse Bicycle Club in Orange County
Come ride with us!

Amtrak Jerseys and T-Shirts

Did you miss ordering Jersey's or T-Shirt we have in stock Jersey's  in the following sizes:

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It’s not to late, you can still order an Amtrak jersey in race or club fit.  Or, maybe after climbing Torrey Pines grade you think I really want a jersey to commemorate this accomplishment.  Well you can get one by going to:

Blackstar Canyon Alert

The popular Blackstar Canyon hiking and mountain biking trail will be closed during the week for trail repair until October 31st. It will be open to the public on weekends during this process.

October 4th General Meeting

Our next General Meeting speaker is Christine Ryan.  Christine is a passionate triathlete, dedicated therapist, and enthusiastic owner of OC Athletic Massage.

As a young student athlete, Christine learned that massage therapy provided a number of valuable benefits for:

  • Complementing physical therapy during the injury recovery process;
  • Aiding in muscle relief for injury prevention;
  • Helping improve overall athletic performance through enhanced recovery.

She quickly realized at the age of 16 that she wanted to dedicate her life to helping others through the power of healing hands.

As a collegiate athlete and student of kinesiology, her appreciation and understanding for massage therapy as a critical component for physical performance improvement and enhancement continued to grow.

Over the last 12 years, Christine has amassed a wealth of education and experience to help herself and her clients improve their physical health and athletic performance through dedicated rehabilitation exercises and massage therapy.

She'll be discussing how structure dictates functional movement and give tips and tricks on how to keep your body in motion longer and keep yourself stronger.

Please join us on October 4th in the community room of the Irvine Ranch Water District at 6:30PM for a light dinner followed by the presentation at 7:00PM. Directions to IRWD are posted on our calendar page


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