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Amtrak Updates 2017

43rd annual Amtrak updates

  • Watch this page for updates to the 43rd Annual Amtrak

09/05/2017:  Release Waiver has been emailed to all riders and posted on the website.  You will also find the riders no's also posted See the Amtrak site map.  No, we cannot accept scanned copies.  Our insurance company requires original wet signatures.  If you cannot come to either of the check-ins,  We require the following; letter to release your rider packet, copy of Driver License, Original signature on Liability release waiver, staple all items.

7/29/2017:  Fee increase.  If you are already registered and paid prior to the 8/1 There is NO ADDITIONAL MONEY DUE.

7/27/2017 - Edit your registration.  You don't need to email me for corrections to your registration.  Follow these instructions:

I have enabled the edit function for all riders.  Log into the website. In upper left click on your website account name.  Click on registrations find the Amtrak registration, click on it and edit your entry .  Be sure to save when finished

7/19/2017  Amtrak Jersey preorder ended 7/16/2017.  We will have additional ordering Direct from Voler.  
Sun sleeves are no longer available

6/2/2017: La Quinta is now accepting reservations for hotels stays.  9/8 and 9/9.  See website page for all details.

6/1/2017:  working on route change, more to follow.
2017 - 43rd Annual Jersey posted on website


This year the official route will be on the 5 Freeway from Las Pulgas Rd to Harbor Dr. exit.  This is an official bike route riding the 8 foot wide shoulder.  If you wish to ride thru Camp Pendleton as an optional unsupported route you must be registered to traverse the Base. To gain access you must register at least 2 weeks prior to the event which is only valid for 365 days.  See the link below and follow the instructions:  (Note. The Base does not provide confirmation of your registration)

Camp Pendleton Registration